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Our vision

The 1st NFT project of MANGA ANIME in 3D with P2E.

Our vision is to bring value to the GameFI market, for gamers and DAO fans, through the Otaku community.

Thanks to Web3.0, we bring a new fresh game environment with great incentives such as interesting token economy for players and NFT holders through original yield farming.

A series of P&E games are currently in development, the first of which is scheduled for Q3, and will allow players to use their NFT as playable characters. On top, one will walk around with your avatar in the Mangaverse.

Games in development: Tokou Fight, Tokou Racing, Manga Quizz and the Tokou Go app! First release will be around Q3 2022.

For Otaku fans, Tokou are heirs of the best Japanese anime living within our mangaverse where all famous characters' attributes got mixed up and reassembled to inspire and shape outstanding characters. We’ve been focusing on the unique design of our Tokou, and the exceptional utilities specifically dedicated to them, alongside IRL utilities like trips, concerts and tickets to the best Japanese conventions in the world!


Tokou are 3D NFTs rigged gaming NFTS, made of over 450+ attributes inspired from some of the most well-known Japanese anime in the world separated by different families and categories

The value of our NFTs relies primarily on the design and the diversity of our Tokou with high level of rarities. And secondly on the experience evolution in the ecosystem.


Q4 2021

Design of Tokou

  • Community and partners development
  • NFT concept
  • NFT 3D Design V
  • Video teaser

Q1 2022

Events + Farming

  • NFT Community Airdrop
  • Lite paper
  • Creation & participation in international Manga conventions and events
  • Game Design Document
  • Video trailer


Crypto-gaming "Play & earn"

  • NFT Public Sale
  • Participation as Alpha Testers
  • TOKOU FIGHT development + testing
  • OG creation card



  • Token Listing
  • Close beta testing (community only)
  • Open Beta-launch
  • Gaming conventions
  • Final Release of TOKOU FIGHT

Tokou Categories

Little Robot

< 0.5%

The legendaries

They are the “Sensei” of our Mangaverse; the primary Tokou leaders whose missions are to find the reason of their creation and existence. Only 23 of them will be designed exclusively by our Art Director. They are named and known to anyone.

Little Robot


The Luminous

They are the Senpai of our Mangaverse; they will enlighten the Legendaries in their mission. They are to only Tokou who boast an aura.

Little Robot


The Cutties

They are the Genin of our Mangaverse; thanks to their variety of attributes, and their force of the number, they will scoot information for the Luminous in their mission and assist the Legendaries.

Dark Vador

Discover even more

Humans, Aliens, more and more attributes available

Mint' Em all

Tokou Fight

TOKOU FIGHT iS the First game of our series, AN UNREAL V ENGINE 3d skill-based fighting game, playable on pc & mobile with a Tokou NFT.

2 fighting game modes: classic & clash modes.

Different fighting abilities inspired by manga anime's culture.

Powerful combos to unlock.

Interaction with the game in QTE (Quick Time Event) phases to maximize abilities efficiency.

Intuitive game interface & intuitive customer journey throughout.

Three more games to come :
Tokou Racing, Tokou GO and Tokou QuizZ

Tokou Go!



Founder & CEO


Co-Founder & CTO






Music Producer